I am a Postdoctoral Associate in the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University. My research focuses on public and policy responses to ethnic diversity and migration in high-income democracies. Specifically, I explore how voters form their ethnic and migration preferences, as well as how these preferences shape political outcomes such as violent conflict and public goods provision. In doing so, I employ experimental and computational methods informed by a range of data sources, including original surveys and economic games, administrative records and computer simulations. My book project “Borders of Compassion” examines under what conditions most people would accept more open immigration policies.

My research has been published in American Political Science Review, Comparative Political Studies, Conflict Management and Peace Science, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and Political Psychology. It has been recognized by a number of grants and awards, including from the American Political Science Association and the National Science Foundation. Prior to my appointment at Yale, I received my joint Ph.D. in Politics and Social Policy from Princeton University. I can be reached at alexander.kustov [at] yale [dot] edu.

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