Ongoing Research

Book Project

Borders of Compassion: How Nationalists Can Embrace Immigration

Working Papers

“Public Attitudes to Immigration in the Aftermath of COVID-19” (with James Dennison and Andrew Geddes)

“Seat Safety and Female (Under)representation in the U.S. Congress” (with Maikol Cerda, Akhil Rajan, Frances Rosenbluth, and Ian Shapiro)

“The Rise of Safe Seats and Party Indiscipline in the U.S. Congress” (with Akhil Rajan, Maikol Cerda, Frances Rosenbluth, and Ian Shapiro)

“Immigration Backlash in Reverse” (with Dennison J.)

Research in Progress

“Beyond Changing Minds: Raising the Issue Importance of Expanding Legal Immigration”

“Emigration Opportunities and Effective Governance”

“The Evolution of Intellectual Elite’s Immigration Attitudes: A Big-Data Analysis of 6 Million+ Academic Articles and News Reports” (with Yaoyao Dai and Benjamin Radford)

“What Makes Populism Appealing: A Conjoint Analysis of Rhetorical Features in Political Campaigns’’ (with Yaoyao Dai)

“Endogenous Trust and Ethnic Diversity” (with Giuliana Pardelli)

“Administrative Unit Proliferation and Ethnic Politics’’ (with Giuliana Pardelli)