Ongoing Research


In Our Interest: How to Make Immigration Popular (accepted at Columbia University Press)

The Shifting Spotlight: How Issue Salience Dominates Politics (with James Dennison, in preparation)

Working Papers

“Immigration is Difficult?! Informing Voters About Immigration Policy Fosters Pro-immigration Views” (with Michelangelo Landgrave)

“More Turnover, Less Turnout? Why Migration Leads to Less Participation” (with Giuliana Pardelli)

“No Backlash: Reassessing Public Responses to Pro-immigration Reforms” (with Marcel Roman)

“Public Belief in the ‘Great Replacement’” (with James Dennison)

“Mass Reproducibility and Replicability: A New Hope” (with Abel Brodel et al.)

Research in Progress

“Collective Shocks and Social Preferences” (with James Walsh)

“Issue Importance Measurement” (with Matt Graham)

“Emigration Opportunities and Effective Governance”

“Unfettered (Im)mobility: A Global Analysis of Migration Patterns across Political Contexts”

“Residential Instability and the Rise of Populist Right” (with Giuliana Pardelli)

“The Evolution of Intellectual Elite’s Immigration Attitudes: A Big-Data Analysis of 6 Million+ Academic Articles, News Coverage, and Policy Reports” (with Yaoyao Dai and Benjamin Radford)

“What is Populism Good for? An Experimental Test of Persuasion and Mobilization Effects” (with Yaoyao Dai)

“Reciprocity and Competition in Public Opinion on Immigration” (with Michelangelo Landgrave)

Dormant Papers

“Seat Safety and Female (Under)representation in the U.S. Congress” (with Maikol Cerda, Akhil Rajan, Frances Rosenbluth, and Ian Shapiro)

“The Rise of Safe Seats and Party Indiscipline in the U.S. Congress” (with Akhil Rajan, Maikol Cerda, Frances Rosenbluth, and Ian Shapiro)