Book Project

Borders of Compassion: How Nationalists Can Embrace Immigration

Peer-reviewed Publications

Kustov, Alexander. 2020 (forthcoming). Borders of Compassion: Immigration Preferences and Parochial Altruism. Comparative Political Studies. (final draft) (replication materials)

Kustov, Alexander, Dillon Laaker, and Cassidy Reller. 2020 (forthcoming). The Stability of Immigration Attitudes: Evidence and Implications. Journal of Politics. (SSRN draft)

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Kustov, Alexander. 2017. How Ethnic Structure Affects Civil Conflict: A Model of Endogenous Ethnic Grievance. Conflict Management and Peace Science. 34 (6): 660–679. (final draft) (replication materials)

Working Papers

“When Co-ethnicity Fails” (with Giuliana Pardelli)

“When Do Politicians Use Populist Rhetoric? Populism as a Campaign Gamble” (with Yaoyao Dai)

“In the Shadow of the Stars and Stripes: Testing the Malleability of U.S. Support for Puerto Rican Statehood” (with Abdiel Santiago and Ali Valenzuela, invited to revise and resubmit)

“Waiting on Congress: Local Immigration Policies and the Effects of Policymaking Rhetoric” (with Ryan Spaude and Ali Valenzuela, invited to revise and resubmit)

” ‘Bloom where you’re planted’ or why people dislike (e)migration”. International Society of Political Psychology Blog. 2020

“The Parochial Altruist: Why Voters Are Sceptical About Immigration”. LSE Brexit Blog. 2018

“Does it Matter that People Overestimate the Number of Muslims in America?” Political Violence at a Glance. 2016 (with Sharan Grewal and Matthew Cebul)